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Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors, Roofs, and Tilt-Up

Quad-Deck uses patented technology to create an energy efficient and quality insulating concrete floor or roof system. Ideal for use in both commercial and residential construction, Quad-Deck combines the strength, security, and reliability of reinforced concrete with the energy efficiency, fast construction, and comfort of insulating concrete forms.

Each of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels are supported and reinforced with two integral steel beams molded into the product from end to end. The result is a self-supporting joist and deck forming system that provides the maximum strength of a reinforced concrete deck with a minimum of materials and labor. Contact us today to find out about using Quad-Deck for your next project.

Main Construction Steps

  • Setup Shoring & Quad-Deck
  • Install Rebar & Pour Concrete
  • Remove Shoring & Finish It