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High Performance Insulation System

The R-ETRO System offers building owners:

a simple yet effective way to attach the best performing insulation product to an existing building and then serves as a fastening point for finish materials.  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the most effective thermal insulation because of its inert properties:
EPS has no nutritional value for plants, animals or micro-organisms. It will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. EPS will not decompose or decay and its R-Value will not decrease with age. Unlike batt insulation, there is no sagging or settling. EPS offers the lowest cost per unit of R-Value compared to any other insulation material. No additional framing is necessary so thermal bridging is minimal.

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R-ETRO Details - CMU Walls, Stucco or Stone Finish

R-ETRO Details - Wood Walls, Stucco Finish

When done in conjunction with other scheduled maintenance or rehabilitation, insulation is a cost-effective way to improve the building envelope performance in terms of conductive heat loss or gain and air infiltration or exfiltration. In the case of un-insulated basements, the addition of interior insulation also makes basement space more comfortable and useable.


Save Money: Significantly reduces energy consumption

  • Highest R-Value available in an insulation system
  • The R-Value of EPS will not decrease with age
  • Inhibits air infiltration

It's Easy: Faster and easier to install than other insulation systems

  • For new construction or do-it-yourself renovations
  • Built-in fastening system is superior to systems applied with adhesives Levels surfaces for finishing
  • Built-in rainscreen

It's Safe: No health risks in installation and use

  • No CFCs, HCFCs. EPS will not mold, decay or rot
  • Modified EPS includes a fire retardant

How it Works

R-ETRO Ties are fastened to the existing building with screws at 24" [610mm] centers*. EPS Panels are fit over the tie flanges and another row of R-ETRO Ties are placed in the tops of the panels at 24" [610mm]. Panels can be easily cut around openings and protrusions from the building. Finish materials can be applied directly to the R-ETRO System or furring strips can be applied to the surface of the panels prior to finishing.


System Components


EPS Insulation: Quad-Lock Panels

Quad Lock Panels

Ties & Metal Track:

Ties Metal Tracktrack