HighR ICF Specialist | Benefits of ICF Floors and Roofs

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Quiet, Healthy, Safe & Comfortable

    More consistent indoor temperatures
    Perfect for in-floor radiant heating
    High STC ratings; deadens sound transmission
    Minimized air infiltration - fewer allergens, improved indoor air quality
    Inert materials: doesn’t support the growth of mold or mildew
    Rated Fire Resistance (using ACI 216.1)
    Not a food source for insects
    Superior protection against disasters

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Durable & Sustainable:

High R-Values (R-16 to R-33); Low U-Values (0.35 to 0.17)
    Reduced HVAC requirements, heating and cooling costs
    Thermal mass properties; ideal for passive solar designs
    Lower life-cycle costs
    Long-term building durability; life-cycle measured in centuries