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Resilient Building Construction with Insulated Concrete Forms

Rebuilding after a natural disasters, such as a hurricane or tornado, can be a daunting task. With the Quad-Lock Concrete Building System you can turn the devastation into an opportunity to invest in stronger, healthier, and energy-efficient buildings that increase occupant safety, reduce costs of insurance, maintenance and reconstruction, and cut their environmental footprint and energy costs.

  • High Wind Resistance - concrete buildings can be designed to stand up to hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Impact Resistance - concrete walls and roofs can withstand the impact of most flying debris from extreme winds with little or no structural damage. Even a flying car was stopped by a Quad-Lock wall!
  • Seismic Resistance - the steel reinforcement and concrete can be designed to minimize the risk of building collapse due to earthquakes
  • Elevated Building Construction provides:

  • Flood Resistance - as seen in many coastal communities for decades, raising the entire building by putting it on "stilts" or pilings simply makes flood waters stay below the main structure causing minimal, if any, damage. See NY Times article.

Quad-Lock's Insulating Concrete Forms accomplish all of the above, plus:

  • Fast Rebuilding - by combining many construction steps into one step, often shaving weeks or months off construction schedules
  • Better Health & Comfort - peace & quiet, no drafts or cold spots, improved indoor air quality, no food source for mold
  • Amazing Energy Efficiency - high & continuous insulation and low air-infiltration are built-in to provide significant energy savings